Beautiful timber windows and doors at unbeatable prices

Better looking, longer-lasting, better value very low maintenance and greener than uPVC - OFFICIAL

Box Sash Timber Windows

Box Sash Windows

Sash Windows, Box Sash Windows, Victorian Sash Windows, Vertical Sliding Traditional Sash Windows. Call them what you like, either way Timber Sash windows are our favourite! When replaced sensitively and in the correct style they will look beautiful in a property of the right sort of age.

Flush Timber Windows

Flush Timber Windows

Flush timber windows - with the sash and frame fitting snugly across the outer surface – are now one of the most popular styles on the market. Beautifully understated in their traditional design, double-glazed flush casement windows will retain the character of your property.

Deco Flush Timber Windows

Deco Flush Timber Windows

Our Deco Flush Casement features specially designed sections added to the front face of the window which allow the opening sashes to appear recessed within the frame. This stepping back of the sashes is an important detail common to the inter-war period of the 1930's and was employed to provide a degree of modelling to the façade of urban homes.

Lipped Timber Windows

Lipped Casements

Lipped Casement windows are the most popular design in England because of the extra protection they offer against the elements. Widely known as stormproof windows, a casement slightly overlaps the face of the frame when closed – keeping rain and wind at bay.

Entrance Timber Doors


The Aspect Timber Windows entrance doors are available, made-to-measure, in numerous styles and may be enhanced with a range of feature glass created from original Victorian glazing motifs.

French Timber Doors


Double-opening, French Doors can be made to open in or out as best suits your room layout and will suit both traditional and contemporary schemes.

Bi-Fold and Patio Timber Doors


Open up the space between house and garden with our versatile folding/sliding doors, or choose an exceptionally smooth running patio door to make a contemporary design statement.


The Aspect Guarantee

Fungal and Insect - 30 Years Guarantee
Sealed Units - 10 Years Guarantee
Hardware - 10 Years Guarantee
Workmanship - 10 Years Guarantee
Paint Finish - 8 Years Guarantee
Stain Finish - 5 Years Guarantee

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Wood you believe it?

Timber is longer-lasting, better value and greener than uPVC . . . and that’s OFFICIAL.

A recent study comparing engineered timber and uPVC windows at the world-famous Institute for Building and Urban Design found:

All timber-based window frames are more environmentally-friendly than uPVC

Timber window products actually have a negative global warming potential (GWP) meaning that over their 60+ year service life they actually reduce the amount of C02e in the atmosphere

In all tests timber windows had a service life of at least twice that of uPVC windows

All timber window frames offer better long-term value than uPVC

The full report, by Dr Gillian Menzies, is available from the Institute for Building and Urban Design at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh.

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